Jul 9, 2017

K├Ânigreich Bayern

For my mother in laws birthday this year we went on a little trip to Bavaria. The drive was a killer for Charlie, I think he is getting a little old for longer journeys, But boy was it worth is! On route to Hallstatt, Austria we took a detour and stopped off at Neuschwanstein castle. I don't think I'll ever get enough of these fairy tale castles, they are quite spectacular. A storm passed over us while we were heading up to the castle which was nice given the heat we have been experiencing over here. The storm also gave us quite a unique view. 

The next day while forecast storms, proved to be an absolutely stunning day in Hallstatt, Austria. The Alps always blow me away, one of the most stunning mountain ranges i've visited and had the privilege to explore. We took a peddle boat out onto the lake which I think is a must in this place, that way you are able to better appreciate the 360 degree view. Of course this allowed my little two year old Charlie to play captain, which is always fun.

May 11, 2017

A Sentimental Trip to England

Having recently relocating to Frankfurt, Germany the need for my drivers licence has become evermore apparent. With that in mind I decided to return to England for easter primarily to sit my driving theory test. This trip so far has been very sentimental for me, I think because I have come to accept the fact that Germany is now my home and will be for the next several years. Not only have I accepted this, but I'm also feeling really positive about it! This is a real turning point for me as I have been of two minds up until now. While I have been going through these motions I have felt myself drawn to the locations that hold the most memories for me. I'm really enjoying sharing these locations and memories with Charlie, and look forward to helping him build similar memories while on our visits!

Not in order of preference, but first up we have Folkestone harbour and warren. Throughout my youth this was a popular place for my friends and I to come throughout summer and winter. I've spent many a time and season kayaking, swimming, rock pooling, jumping off the pier, eating seafood and enjoying bonfires with many a friend! This is also the place where I first met my dear hubby Jeff! I LOVE this place with the deep fibres of my beings! As I do the other places that I'm going to share with you in this post! 

Feb 16, 2017


 So recently Jeffrey, Charlie and I moved to Frankfurt Germany so hat Jeffrey could accomplish his life ambition of becoming a doctor. There is a lot I have to say on this matter, but i'll leave this for another post. This half term week, my lovely family have come to visit, and they have brought beautiful spring sunshine with them. I have to say in the last three days with them I have seen more of Germany than I have in the three months we have lived here. Yesterdays trip included the all famous Schwarzwaldhochstrasse, otherwise known as the Black forest valley road. This road is famous for its  panoramic views of the north black forest, running between Baden Baden and Freudenstadt. So first we spent the morning exploring the beautiful town which is Baden Baden, enjoying both its german and french qualities. The sun beaming down and the towns calming river trickling through its centre all provided a really relaxing atmosphere which started the day off beautifully.

Funnily enough the Black Forest mountain range is famous for its Black forest gateau. But not for what you might think! Its actually from the specialty liquor found in this region known as the Schwarzwalder Kirche which is widely used to make Black Forest gateau. YUM.

 After enjoying this pleasant morning in Baden Baden and having filled up on my favourite, currywurst, we hit the schwarzwaldhochstrasse. The views and walks that can be found along the route are phenomenal, especially as you get towards Schliffklopf! Absolutely breathtaking!

Dec 3, 2016

Our Little Wonderland

I am absolutely in love with our new home in Germany. Its a beautiful property in the quaint little village Himbach, Limeshain. One thing however I was not prepared for was the cold weather. I honestly didn't think that Germany would be that much colder in winter than England but boi was a wrong. A large portion of this winter so far has been well into the minus and has forced me to invest in some winter clothes for the first time in a couple of years. I just hope the same difference is reflected in the summer months ;)

The great thing about our little village is that we only have to walk minutes to be surrounded by rolling fields and forest! So on these cold brisk winter days we can still enjoy a nice walk in the country side without venturing too far from our warm cosy home. There are sacrifices that come with living so far out of the city, but they are SO worth it!

Sep 3, 2016

Don't Forget About Bodie.

I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you about our trip to Bodie. Bodie is a little ghost town just east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Let me tell you, it is a trek to find this place. At an elevation of 8379 feet we found ourselves off roading for about two hours in our jury van! We were sure our van wouldn't make it and that we were going to break down in the middle of nowhere and be left for dead. Bodes began as a mining camp back in 1859 and flourished in 1880 when it became California second or third largest city with a population of 7000 people. Bodie's period of glory however was brief. After a steady decline following the closing of many mines and the abandonment of the railway, a disastrous fire struck the town in 1932, destroying most of the town.By the 1950's Bodie became a ghost town, completely abandoned. When people were leaving Bodie, they packed what they could into their wagons and left, leaving many belongings behind. Now this little town is a dedicated national historic site open for people to see. The buildings are protected but not restored. It was worth the bumpy are rather scary journey out here. It was almost like a movie set, a real ghost town. Hard to imagine this place being a booming town full of people. A great experience.

Jul 20, 2016

Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon, California

By this point of our road trip I must admit I was getting a little tired of all the driving and was glad to be at our last destination. I am a great lover of forests, and there is nothing quite like this one. Sequoia national park is in the very south of the Sierra Nevada, and is famous for its giant sequoia trees including the General Sherman tree which is the largest tree on earth. I kid you not the majority of these trees were bigger than my house. 

These sequoia trees are one of three coniferous trees known as redwood. What is most impressive about these trees is their fibrous, furrowed and thick bark protecting the trees from disease and the all too common fires that occur in California. To touch this bark is so soft, unlike any bark I have ever felt. Due to their thick skins and surprisingly shallow routes the most common cause of death  of these trees is by toppling. 

General Grant Tree 
Tunnel Log - This Large sequoia tree toppled over across a park road in 1937, when park ranger decided to cut an 8ft tunnel through the tree making the road passable again.